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Safety Toolbox Talk Meeting Topic: Heavy Equipment Loading on trailer

Loading heavy machine or equipment onto trailers can cause a serious accident if not handled properly. There is a likelihood of the machine or equipment slipping or falling, as the equipment can be as wide as the trailer and there may be little margin for error.


Safety Toolbox Talk Meeting Topic: Heavy Equipment Loading on trailer

Safety Toolbox Talk Meeting Topic: Heavy Machine Loading on trailer

The Safety Toolbox Talk on Loading Machine or Heavy Equipment helps remind operators, drivers, and riggers about safety precautions. No matter what type of machine or equipment you load or what type of trailer you use, prepare a method statement and perform a job safety analysis to ensure all adequate safety measures are taken.

Here are some safety precautions can be incorporated in your safety toolbox talk meeting topic on heavy equipment or machine loading.


Safety Toolbox Talk on equipment loading

👉 Operator or driver of the trailer and machine must be competent and have a valid license / certificate.

👉 Barricade the area by safety warning tape to prevent the unexpected entry of other vehicles or people.

👉 Use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment including high visibility vest/ jacket.

👉 Choose the correct size and capacity of the truck trailer for loading machinery / equipment such as caterpillar - excavator, crane, etc.

👉 Make sure all non-essential personnel are removed from the area.

👉 If the machine is to be loaded by lifting equipment, be sure to have the certificate of all lifting tools and tackles. Check the arrangement and supervise the work by a qualified rigger.

👉 Use wheel chocks to secure the trailer truck to prevent movement.

👉 Inspect to assess the condition of trailer or truck tyres, notably for tyre pressure.

👉 Make sure the equipment / machine is aligned with the trailer.

👉 Make sure the trailer is level.

👉 In case you are driving the machine such as a caterpillar on the trailer, stay alert, watch and follow the signals directed by the Banksman. Drive the machine slowly, steadily and avoid steering sharply.

👉 Maintain the center of gravity of machine during ramp movement.

👉 At the final positioning rest on the deck, most of the weight of the equipment should be distributed towards the front of the trailer to avoid fishtailing on the road.

👉 Before transporting, make sure that the weight is evenly distributed on the trailer and that the machine / equipment is properly secured.

👉 Secure the load according to required tie-down-points.  Minimum of four tie-down points each with its own binder or boomer and individual chains connected to trailer hitch points for loads exceeding 10,000 lbs.

👉 All chains are fixed linearly, with downward force, without twists, bends or horizontal angles.

👉 Wrap excess chain around the rest of the link so it doesn't come loose.


Safety Toolbox Talk meeting must be conducted to communicate the correct procedure, follow sequence of work and remind the safety measures identified in job safety analysis. Toolbox talk on heavy equipment loading should be conducted before commencing loading operation to minimize the error by reminding the safety precautions to operators and Banksman.

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