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Toolbox Talk on Vehicle Rollover Safety: Safety Toolbox Talk Meeting Topic EHS

A rollover accident is an accident in which a vehicle rolls over on its side or rolls over completely until it is face down. It may happen that vehicle may roll over several times before coming to a stop. Safety Toolbox Talk on Vehicle Rollover helps people to understand the importance of rollover protection system and safe driving practices to avoid accidents due to vehicle roll over.


Toolbox Talk on Vehicle Rollover Safety

Toolbox Talk on Vehicle Rollover Safety: Safety Toolbox Talk Meeting Topic

Roll over safety toolbox talk must be conducted especially for operators driving tractors and small concrete dumpers. Even it is very much important for all peoples who drive light or heavy vehicles.

During speedy sharp turn, the inertial force acts horizontally through the vehicle's center of mass away from the center ofrotation and cause the vehicle to roll out of the curve. When the pneumatic and inertial forces are enough to overcome the force of gravity, the vehicle begins to overturn.

Vehicles can roll over in extreme conditions such as unstable edges, unstable surfaces, uneven surfaces or if used improperly i.e. at high speed, especially when going down a slope or being too near an unstable edge or a speedy sharp turn.


Safety Toolbox Talk on Vehicle Rollover

👉 Concrete dumper, tractors and other similar machines/ vehicles must be operated by trained operators only.

👉 A rollover protective structure or rollover protection system (ROPS) such as the roll bars or driver cabin frame intended to protect operator or drivers from injury caused by vehicle rollover.

👉 Before operating the concrete dumper, ensure that the roll overprotective bar must be in position. Roll over bar attached to the frame that maintain room for the operator's body in the event of a rollover.

👉 Always use the seat belt as it helps you stay in the seat, so you don't get thrown in the event of a rollover. This is very important because it has been observed that half of the fatal rollovers occur when people are fully or partially ejected from the vehicle.

👉 Proactively identify areas where a roll over could occur. Be especially careful when operating heavy equipment on steep or mountainous terrain.

👉 Control the speed at turning, over speeding at sharp turn is the major cause of overturn.

👉 Be aware that equipment equipped with a ROPS can still overturn. Be prepared to take the appropriate control measures.

👉 Do not try to drive the vehicle near loose edge of road.

👉 Drive the vehicle slowly with due care on loose and uneven surfaces.

👉 Avoid overloading the vehicle to prevent roll over or overturn.

👉 Do not try to jump into a rollover. You could become a victim and be run over by the ROPS.

👉 Do not use the equipment in a manner for which it was not designed. This could increase the likelihood of a reversal.

Final word: Concrete dump trucks and tractors are prone to rollover accidents and therefore a Rollover Safety Toolbox Talk should be conducted especially for their operators or drivers. Ensure roll over protection structure (ROPS) such as roll bar must be in position before driving the equipment/ vehicle. 

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