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Safety Pledge / Oath in English, Hindi and Marathi for 52 National Safety Day 2023

Safety Pledge / Oath  in English, Hindi and Marathi for 50th National Safety Day 2021
Safety pledge in hindi, english and safety oath in marathi

Safety Pledge / Oath  in English, Hindi and Marathi for 52 National Safety Day 2023

Safety Pledge for National Safety Day: The Safety Pledge not only helps us to remind our responsibility about safety in the workplace, but also gives us the opportunity to see smiles on the beautiful faces of our family. On the occasion of National Safety Day to promote zero harm culture and demonstrate individual responsibility for commitment to safety at work, from management to employees and workers gathered in the workplace and take oath on the safety commitment for the individual, employees, society and the nation.

 National Safety Day is celebrated on 4th March each year, which is also the foundation day of the National Safety Council (NSC) of India to raise awareness of the importance of industrial safety.

Through the safety pledge, the individual promises to never compromise his own safety or that of his colleagues in doing the job. Deaths in the workplace are unacceptable and therefore safety is everyone's responsibility. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how crucial it is for every employee to commit to safe work. It is very important to constantly identify hazards and reduce the risks to an acceptable level, thereby reducing the likelihood of an incident occurring at work. The tradition or system of taking the oath of safety in the workplace is very important in reminding safety practices and safety awareness. Take the pledge below to show your commitment to safety, from the workplace to anywhere.

Safety Pledge / Oath  in English, Hindi and Marathi for 51st National Safety Day 2022
Safety Pledge / Oath  in English, Hindi for 51st National Safety Day 2022

Safety Pledge in English and Hindi
Safety Pledge in English and Hindi

Here you will find Safety Oath published by National Safety Council (NSC) which can be taken together by senior management and workers during celebration of National Safety Day 4th March to renew their commitment for safety in the work place.


Safety Pledge in English - National Safety Day 2023

“On this day, I solemnly affirm that I will rededicate myself to the cause of safety, health and protection of environment and will do my best to observe rules, regulations and procedures and develop attitudes and habits conductive for achieving these objectives.

I full realise that accidents and diseases are a drain on the national economy and may lead to disablements, deaths, harm to health and damage to property, social suffering and general degradation of environment.

I will do everything possible for the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases and protection of environment in the interest of self, family, community, organization and the nation at large.”

Safety Pledge in English | National safety day
Safety Pledge in English - National safety day


Safety Pledge in Hindi published by NSC India

As the Safety Pledge is a medium to remind our commitment to safety and should be taken by all groups of people, from senior management to employees and workers, it should therefore be written in language understandable to all.

Without understanding the meaning of the Safety Oath, people cannot demonstrate their safety commitment in workplace. Hindi is the national language of India and therefore the safety pledge must be in Hindi.

Here is the safety oath in Hindi.


Safety Pledge in Hindi - National safety day
Safety pledge in Hindi - National Safety Day


Safety Oath in Marathi - published by NSC India

In Maharashtra, most of the workers speak in the Marathi language and therefore while celebrating the National Safety Day, as a reminder of their commitment to safety; the safety pledge should be taken in Marathi by all groups of people, from management to employees and workers. Workers are the group of people who actually perform the physical work at their workplace and therefore need to understand the meaning of the safety pledge. With a better understanding of the Safety Oath, this will help people demonstrate their commitment to safety in the workplace.

Here is the Safety Oath in Marathi.


Safety Pledge in Marathi - National Safety Day
Safety Oath in Marathi - National Safety Day

How to take safety Oath

While taking the safety oath during celebrating National Safety Day, all people, from senior management to employees and workers should assemble at one place, stand near or around the NSC flag or safety flag, raise right hand exactly 90 degrees to your body in front, keep the palm of your right hand facing the ground, place your left hand on your chest or keep in parallel to thigh towards the ground and repeat the reading of the safety pledge word by the safety officer.


How safety oath benefit to organization

Here are a few ways that safety pledge can benefit a company:


Improves Safety Culture to Reduce accidents - Committing to safety to the individual, colleagues, society, and the nation means you demonstrate a positive safety culture to reduce incidences and achieve safety goal of zero accident. When businesses are seen as committed to health, safety and the environment, many consumers will ignore the cost of your service or product based on whether they believe they are purchasing the safe, environmentally friendly and the best product.


Increased Employee Engagement - When employees work for a company with a strong commitment to safety, they are more likely to work safely and be safe from accidents. They will often promote and endorse the brand they work for because they truly believe in what their business has to offer.


Helps to strengthen individual safety accountability - A safety oath reinforces the 'tone from the top'. When lower-level employees engage in safety with their bosses and managers, employees at all levels are more likely to embrace and commit to making a positive safety culture change. A commitment to safety made with everyone in the workplace has a far greater impact than a safety sign, slogans posted on the wall.


Why taking Safety Pledge or Safety Oath in workplace is important?

Safety pledge help employees to remind their safety commitment in workplace to achieve the objective of zero harm. Employees and workers who make the safety pledge in their workplace are promise to never compromise their individual safety or the safety of their co-workers to get the job done. Through safety pledge, they promises about actively look for hazards, promptly report them, and take appropriate action to warn others. It help to become individual as good safety role model for others and their family even when off the job.


On the occasion of National Safety Day 2023 on March 4, the commitment to safety through safety pledge must be made by all people, from the top management to employees and workers together, to show their commitment to safety on the workplace. The safety oath should be word in the local language so that everyone understands its meaning and thus contributes to keeping individual promises to develop a positive safety culture and achieve the goal of zero harm. Safety Pledge in English, Safety Oath in Hindi and Safety Pledge in Marathi are published by the National Safety Council of India.

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