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Biodiversity Quiz: Multiple choice Question and answers 2020

Biodiversity Quiz: Multiple choice Question and answers 2020

Biodiversity Quiz: Multiple choice Question and answers 2020

This year, Colombia, in collaboration with Germany, is going to host the World Environment Day 2020. The theme of World Environment Day 2020 is biodiversity.
World environment day is celebrated worldwide in almost all the countries (more than 150 countries) every year on 5th June to encourage the awareness on preserving and protecting the environment.
Human domination is the greatest common thread of biodiversity because it takes advantage of his power and consumes all type of resources by endangering the life of other species.
Quiz competition or Quiz contest is one of the best ways to educate your employees, workers, and communities, including schools.
Here you will find more than 100 questions and answers on Biodiversity which is theme of the World Environment Day 2020.
The biodiversity quiz is having multiple choice answers, participant must select the correct one either by tick it or circle it. You will find the answers of some questions of quiz on biodiversity is “true” or “False” type, it is specially designed to generate more awareness on biodiversity.

Multiple choice questions and answers on biodiversity 2020

Q-1. What is Biodiversity
a) It is environmental science
c) It is varieties of life on earth
b) It is subject in biology
d) is distinction in biology subject

Q-2. In some areas there is an exceptionally high level of biodiversity and this area is called as __________.
a) cold spot 
c) population spot  
b) hot spots       
d) none of above

Q-3. Some species are very rare and can be found in a particular ecosystem, these species are called_______________
a) extinct species       
c) endemic species        
b) special species   
d) pandemic species

Q-4. Below forbids the harming endangered species and their habitats by US citizens
a) The CIT in Endangered Species
c) Species Survival Plan
b)Environmental Protection Agency
d) Endangered Species Act

Q-5. ___________biodiversity   related to habitat in an area?
a) Genetic
c) Species
b) Ecosystem
d) All of above

Q-6. Invasive species  like Asian Carp and the Zebra Mussel are found in_____
a) Dessert
b) Amazon

Q-7. Below is not the threat to biodiversity
a) Pollution
c) High human population
b) Cell phones     

Q-8. Below is one of the reasons for the loss of biodiversity
a) Eating more food by humans          
c) Drinking more water by humans
b) Global ecosystem

Q-9. The largest number of individuals of a population that the environment can support.
c) primary succession 
b) carrying capacity

Q-10. Hiking and sightseeing are an example of ________ecological service
a) Cultural
c) Regulatory
b) Supportive
d) Provisional

Q-11. Below is not a part of biodiversity
a) Humans
c) monkey
b) cell phone
d) birds

Q-12. Highest population of Marsupials is found in _______country.
a) India
c) China
b) Brazil
d) Australia

Q-13. How many species of living organisms has identified so far in world?
a) 8.7 to 8.9 million
c) 2.1 to 2.3 million
b) 5.7 to 5.9 million
d) 50 to 51 million

Q-14 The number of species in a specific area in give time is known as __________.
a) species domination
c) species evenness
d) species ecosystem domination

Q-15. The measure of numerically dominated by one species or similar numbers of individuals in particular ecosystem is known as _______________.
a) species domination
b) species richness
d) species ecosystem domination

Q-16. The term ecosystem was first coined by AG Tinsley in ________
a) 1935
c) 1936  
b) 1937
d) 1938

Q-17. Below is the type of Ecosystem biodiversity
a) Aquatic
c) Terrestrial 
b) Desert
d) All of above

Q-18. _________________ occurs when a large numbers of species goes extinct over a relatively short period of time.
a) Extirpation
c) Extinction
d) Mass Effect

Q-19. The SimpsonIndex Ranges from:
a) 1-5
c) 0-10
b) 0-1
d) 10 – 10

Q-20. The disappearance of a particular population from a given area, but not the entire species globally is known as ________________.
a) Extinction
c) Extrapolation
b) Extirpation
d) Excavation

Q-21. Which one is top megadiverse country?
a) India
c) USA
b) Australia
d) Brazil

Q-22. Which species provide highest medicine?
a) Animal
c) plants
b) viruses
d) fungi

Q-23. Which one is the main cause of extinction of several species?
a) Loss of habitat
c) Deforestation
b) Man made genetically changes
d) Pollution

Q-24. How many types of biodiversity conservation
a) 2
c) 3
b) 4
d) 5

Q-25. The conservation of species in their original ecosystem without disturbing their natural life or within their natural habitat is called as________ biodiversity conservation
a) Ex-situ          
c) Ax-situ            
b) Vx-situ         
d) In-situ

Q-26. Human threats to biodiversity include:
a) Population growth
b) Pollution
d) All of the above

Q-27. National park, sanctuaries, are the examples of ______ type of biodiversity conservation.
a) Ex-situ
c)  Ax-situ
b) Vx-situ
d) In-situ

Q-28. Zoo is the examples of ______ type of biodiversity conservation.
a) Ex-situ
c)  Ax-situ
b) Vx-situ
d) In-situ

Q-29. How many years required for evolution of biodiversity on earth
a) 3.5 billion
c)  40 million
b) 100 million
d) 59 million

Q-30. Mammal extinction rate was highest in country
a) China
c)  Australia
b) Scotland
d) Bahammas

Q-31. Below is the most bio-diverse country
a) Japan 
c)  China
b) Brazil  
d) Mexico

Q-32. How many types of biodiversity

a) 3
c)  4
b) 5
d) 6

Q-33. Which is not the type of biodiversity
a) Species
c)  Ecosystem
b) Population
d) Genetic

Q-34. Following are the main dangers for the biodiversity?
a) Deforestation
c) Agriculture
b) Pollution
d) All of above

Q-35. ____________farming is one of the main reasons for the extinction of some plant species
a) Multicultural
c) Monoculture
b) Modern
d) Traditional

Q.36 ___________emissions from various industries responsible for global warming and the disruption of species biodiversity
a) Sulfur dioxide           
c) Nitrous dioxide              
b) Chlorin   
d) Carbon dioxide

Q.37. Which of the following habitat have most biodiversity?
a) Antarctica
c) Sahara Desert
b) Amazon rainforest
d) North pole

Q.38. Biodiversity does not contribute to following
a) Food 
c)  Cloth    
b) Fuel
d) Wifi internet

Q.39. How to preserve biodiversity?
a) By preventing deforestation 
c)  By protecting species    
b) By reducing waste
d) all of above

Q.40. The protection, management and preservation of genetic diversity, species and ecosystems is called _________
a) Restoration of biodiversity   
c)  management of biodiversity 
b) conservation of biodiversity    
d) destruction of biodiversity

Q.41. The conservation of species takes place off-site i.e away from their natural habitat, these species are shifting and protected in a new ecosystem is called as ___________ biodiversity conservation.
a) Ex-situ     
c)  Ax-situ          
b) Vx-situ        
d) In-situ

Q-42. Invasive species is threat to biodiversity because__________
a) they can be harmful to humans 
c)  they can outcompete native organisms for their resources 

b) they can cause harm to the environment
d) all above

Q-43. Species is a non-native plant/animal introduced accidentally or intentionally by humans is called as ______________
a) endangered  
c)  extinct   
b) invasive/ exotic
d) threatened  

Q-44. Nutrient cycling and purification of water are both examples of 
a) regulating services
c)  cultural services
b) provisional services
d) supporting services

Q-45. __________ biodiversity related to genes
a) Species   
c)  Genetic  
b) Ecosystem   
d) biology lab

Q-46. Genetic biodiversity has occurred within the ______ species
a) Different 
c)  United
b) Equal genes      
d) same

Q-47. Genetic biodiversity covers different varieties of a ______species
a) Different 
c)  United
b) Equal genes      
d) same

Q-48. Different brides of dogs are the example of __________ biodiversity
a) Ecosystem 
c)  Habitat  
b) Genetic            
d) species

Q-49. It is also responsible for extinction of many species of animals
a) Deforestation
c)  illegal hunting
b) exotic species           
d) all of above

Q-50. Which is NOT a benefit of biodiversity? 
a) agriculture 
c)  medicine
b) ecotourism
d) deforestation 
Q-51.__________  biodiversity occurs among different type of species  
a) Genetic
c) Species    
b)  Ecosystem     
d) Habitat

Q-52_____ richness is the number of specific individual organism in that area which is rich in number
a) Genetic
c) Species    
b)  Ecosystem     
d) Global  

Q-53.________biodiversity is also called as the gamma biodiversity in which there are a wide variety of different plants and animals and different kind of other organisms living together
a) Genetic
c) Species    
b)  Ecosystem     
d) Global  

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True or False type biodiversity quiz questions and answers 2020

Q-54. Biodiversity helps to maintain the food chain

Q-55. Biodiversity is very useful for aesthetic value of our earth

Q-56. Different kind of medicines can be prepared from different kind of plants and animals

Q-57. One species can make a huge difference to an entire ecosystem

Q-58. Biodiversity has also improved the quality of the soil again reducing the risk of flooding and increased fertility

Q-59. Loss of biodiversity increases the spread of infectious diseases

Q-60. Biodiversity also help humans to generate income via tourism

Q-61. We must protect flora and fauna for the sustainable growth of individual species and of all types of ecosystems

Q-62. The diversity linked to micro-organisms, different plants and animals is included in biodiversity

Q-63 Biodiversity is the variety of living organisms and their interactions with each other, i.e. life on Earth.

Q-64. Biodiversity can occur in a very small particular area or in a very large area like the ocean.

Q-65. Biodiversity can be present in different ecosystems such as the desert,  aquatic, terrestrial and grassland ecosystem.

Q-66. Genetic biodiversity is related to the genes of living organism and is the diversity within the specific species.

Q-67. Can pollution affect genetic diversity.

Q-68. Once the species extinct, it can no longer be replaced by another.

Q-69. If certain species disappear, there may be an impact on other species and the ecosystem may be affected.

Comment below to get answers of all above Quiz on Biodiversity 2020. Hope the quiz “Multiple-choice question and answers on biodiversity 2020” would be helpful for you to spread awareness on World environment  day 2020.

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  5. Sorry for delay, here are the Answers
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