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Safety Toolbox Talk on Safe Vehicle Driving: Driving Safety Toolbox Talk Meeting Topic

No matter you are alone or with family or with other passengers, driving safety must be your top priority. To prevent the vehicle accident, a quick reminder about the basics of safe driving practices in the form of Safety Toolbox Talk must be conducted at workplace.


Safety Toolbox Talk on Safe Vehicle Driving: Driving Safety

Safety Toolbox Talk on Safe Vehicle Driving: Driving Safety Toolbox Talk Meeting Topic

Human errors such as over speeding, drunk driving, driver distractions and red-light hopping are the main causes of road accidents and the severity of the accident also depends on the failure to use seat belts / helmet.

Therefore, all people should understand the importance of roadsafety rules and driving safety. Factors such as improper vehicle maintenance, poor infrastructure, and a general disregard for pedestrians and other drivers on the road contribute to driving risk.


Driving Safety Toolbox Talk

👉 Before getting into the vehicle, take a full round of the vehicle and make sure that no one (including animals such as dogs and cats) is near or under the vehicle.

👉 Inspect your vehicle daily for condition, including tyres, before driving the vehicle.

👉 Frequently check lubricating oil, tyre pressure, engine oil, coolant level, water level for wipers and radiant water.

👉 Always make a habit of cleaning the windows glass, headlights, taillights, and windshield before starting the vehicle.

👉 Strictly follow the manufacturer's recommendations for maintaining tyre pressure.

👉 It is good practice to have portable tyre pressure gauge in your vehicle and know the correct tyre pressures for each type of vehicle.

👉 To compensate for the ambient temperature, do not reduce the tyre pressure.

👉 To drive the vehicle on a sandy area, you can reduce the tyres pressure to allows good grip but maintains the pressure immediately when you return to the gravel or asphalt road to avoid overheating the tyres. The flexible tire flexes more than tyres properly inflated and generates more heat which can cause the tyre to burst.

👉 It is always advisable to have a portable dual piston air pump to inflate or maintain tyre pressure in your vehicle for emergency uses.

👉 After starting the engine, wait 10-15 seconds before changing first gear. Check the condition of the brake by applying after the first movement.

👉 Check the correct position of all mirrors, including the center, right and left side mirrors.

👉 Always obey speed limits and do not violate traffic lights/ signals.

👉 Respect pedestrians and cyclists.

👉 Control the speed of your vehicle on sandy roads or around bends or detour roads.

👉 Always keep in mind that it takes longer to stop on a wet, sandy or loose road than on a dry one.

👉 Always wear the seat belt when driving vehicles and a crash helmet on bike to minimize the severity of accidents which can save your life and prevent serious injury.

👉 Overtaking on a single-lane road is dangerous due to insufficient clearance at the front to allow safe passage.

👉 Do not cause another vehicle to change course or speed.

👉 Do not use a cell phone while driving, it distracts the driver's concentration and may lead to an accident.

👉 Always follow the lane, change lanes with a side indicator and do not make a third lane on a double-lane road.

👉 While driving, frequently look at both side mirrors and the center mirror and check the side mirrors and shoulder before attempting to change lanes.

👉 Use an indicator or front signals about 100 meters whenever you intend to change lanes to alert other road users.

👉 Always keep in mind that the indicator or signage does not give you the privilege of changing lanes without ensuring your safety and that of other road users.

👉 Do not brake suddenly, this may cause the vehicles to skid or dangerous for the vehicles coming from behind.

👉 Do not eat or drink coffee while driving, it may distract our attention.

👉 Do not talk much with the co-driver or passengers to avoid distraction

👉 After stopping the vehicle at the side of the road, always check for pedestrians or cyclists coming from behind or ahead before opening the door.

👉 Do not park the vehicle on a road or where it becomes an obstacle to traffic or pedestrians.

👉 Do not drive the vehicle on the wrong side to use shortcut.

👉 On dip slope or gradient, always use 2nd or 1st gear to control the speed.

👉 Always use the handbrake to control the rollback of your vehicle on a gradient when moving in traffic.


Driving Safety Toolbox Talk is useful for everyone in the office, workplace and home. It is good practice to conduct the safety toolbox talk meeting on driving safety to all truck drivers in loading and unloading facilities of industries.

This Safe Driving Toolbox Talk would also be useful for employees to follow traffic best practices and general road safety rules to prevent accidents.

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