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Safe Work on Scaffolding | Safety Toolbox Talk Meeting Topic

Safe Work on Scaffolding | Toolbox Talk
Safe Work on Scaffolding | Toolbox Talk

Safe Work on Scaffolding | Safety Toolbox Talk Meeting Topic


Working on scaffolding at height is hazardous work and must be performed by trained personnel under the supervision of a competent person. Toolbox Talk must be carried out before commencing the job to remind the safety precautions to all involved workers.

Reference should be made to Job safety analysis or job hazard analysis to conduct the toolbox talk so that all identified associated hazards, risks, and safety measures should be communicated to workers.


Toolbox talk on safe use of scaffolds

  1. Visually inspect the scaffold and access ladder before every use.
  2. The supervisor must ensure third party certification of scaffolding material. Display certificate, permit, and green tag at site.
  3. A competent person should inspect the scaffold weekly and after each modification.
  4. Make sure there is competent supervision to monitor and control the safe work.
  5. Periodically inspect the safety harness, belts, lifeline, etc.
  6. Wear hand gloves and fall arresters when climbing the ladder. Maintain 3-point contact.
  7. Securely anchor the body harness lanyard with an anchor point. Secure both lanyard hooks separately.
  8. Secure all tools and material properly on the work platform to prevent fall of objects.
  9. Do not climb higher than the third rung from the top.
  10. Do not climb on bracing or frames.
  11. Do not try to carry materials while climbing.
  12. Don’t let go without getting a sure footing and balance.
  13. Don’t face away from the ladder while using it.
  14. Do not start climbing without anchoring the safety harness.
  15. Don’t use process piping to hook lanyard.
  16. Don’t work on untagged scaffolds.
  17. Do not climb on guardrail of the scaffold for any work.
  18. Do not go within 3 m of overhead power lines.
  19. Do not connect the return cable of the welding machine with the scaffold.
  20. Do not lift gas cylinders onto the scaffold platform.
  21. Do not overload the scaffold.
  22. Don't start work until the area below is barricaded.
  23. Do not work on a scaffold if in doubt.
  24. Do not drop any material to a lower level.
  25. Stop work in bad weather.
  26. Wear suitable PPE
  27. Before leaving work on the scaffold, make sure there is no loose material on the work platform.


The Safety toolbox talk on safe use of scaffold should be carried out after having carefully assessed the hazards and risk prior to start work. The toolbox talk on safe use of scaffold reminds workers of safety precautions and increases their confidence, thereby helping to prevent errors while working on scaffolds.

At the end of the toolbox talk, interactive questions can be asked of participants to validate their understanding and effectiveness of Toolbox talk.

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