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May 21, 2021 – National Endangered Species Day: History, importance, and observance

May 15th, 2020 – National Endangered Species Day: History, importance, and observance
National Endangered Species Day: History, importance, and observance

May 21, 2021 – National Endangered Species Day: History, importance, and observance

National Endangered Species Day 2021 would be celebrated on May 21, 2021 across the country to raise awareness about the endangered species of flora and fauna  which help to preserve, protect and restore them.
Each year, the 3rd Friday in May, is celebrated as National Endangered Species Day to spread awareness of the importance of wildlife conservation, protects endangered species and restoration efforts to maintain biodiversity and ecosystem.
IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) maintains global data on endangered species and compiles them into the Red List of Threatened Species since 1964. This inventory status can be used to assess the risk of species extinction.

History of National Endangered Species Day

President Richard Nixon chanted the Endangered Species Act (ESA) which is administered by two federal agencies on December 28, 1973. This law provides a program and framework for the protection and conservation of endangered species and biodiversity in the ecosystem or the inhabitant in which they live. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) maintains a list of all globally endangered species. The United States Senate declared National Endangered Species Day in 2006.

Importance of National Endangered Species Day

According to IUCN, more than thirty-one thousand species, which means that about 27% of all existing species are threatened with extinction.
Species such as amphibians - 40%, animals - 21%, conifers - 34%, birds - 14%, sharks and rays - 30%, REFS corals - 33% and some crustaceans - 27% of all existing species are threatened with extinction.
Captive breeding helps somewhat to protect endangered species by improving their numbers in their natural habitats or in the ex-situ ecosystem.
Biodiversity conservation is very important because each species is important for maintaining the food chain. The extinction of a single species can harm biodiversity and may be responsible for global changes.
Humans benefits the most from biodiversity and consumes most of the natural resources, knowingly or unknowingly affecting biodiversity. After the application of ESA, most endangered species have recovered from this sign of extinction and now their populations are increasing.
There are mainly two reasons for the extinction of a species, firstly, having a low reproduction rate or producing few descendants that are difficult to recover after the population decline or less chance of transmitting their genes. In addition, other reasons are the long gestation period of parental care, the late age of first reproduction, etc. Examples: Rode's elephants produce offspring with an extended period of parental care. By producing few offspring, a population can die in a single generation because the offspring have a much lower survival rate against other species in the same habitat like dandelions which produce many offspring with the idea that some will die but those who live will relate to the species.
Thus, to protect these endangered species, certain conservation strategies must be taken could be implemented to prevent the extinction of large terrestrial mammals such as the African elephant or the snow leopard,
Here are some strategies to protect endangered species.
1. Enforcing laws,
2. Education and awareness
3. Captive breeding programs

Most large terrestrial mammals are threatened due to human over-exploitation and poaching. Law enforcement can eliminate poaching and protect these endangered animals.
humans are starting to over-exploit the resources of biodiversity and certain species are reacting to these disturbances. this also leads to a reduction in the number of species and the vast demands of the territory have led to the destruction of the habitat.
Education is another huge solution for changing behaviour and cultural value for conserving a species.
The protection of endangered species has become a matter of great concern for the biodiversity of the conservationist and is often used by scientists and decision makers to help determine the health of ecosystems.
Therefore, observance of National Endangered Species Day is very important in spreading awareness and the importance of protecting endangered species.

List of endangered species – Top 10

Sr. No
Amur Leopard
Around 57 to 84
Javan Rhino
Less than 100
Cross River Gorilla
Around 250 to 300
Around 750
Black Rhino
Around 5500
Sumatran Elephant
Around 2400 to 2800
Eastern Lowland Gorilla
Less than 4000
Hawksbill Turtle
Less than 25000
Bornean Orangutan
Around 104700
Around 104700

Ways to Observe National Endangered Species Day 2021

1. Education and awareness: Education and awareness of biodiversity, its conservation and its importance can protect endangered species. When people become more aware of the food chain and the consequences of its disruption, they really serve to protect habitat and species. The use of social media is the best way to raise awareness about the protection of endangered species. Posters, slogans, banners and other media like updating the Facebook cover with a photo of an endangered animal can help spread awareness.
2. Education at school: School children are innocent, and it is time to educate the children of their childhood on biodiversity and species to create a feeling of love about nature. Naturally, this will help protect the species. They will become more aware of environmental protection and will certainly serve to protect biodiversity.
3. Make a donation for the conservation of endangered species: You can make a donation to certain charities that deal with endangered species in in situ or ex situ form.
4. Visit the zoo or national park or sanctuaries: you can visit your children at these places on National Endangered Species Day and educate them on the importance of biodiversity and how to protect endangered species.
5. Support the prohibition of illegal wildlife products: do not promote the purchase of illegal wildlife products.
6. School quiz competition: You can organize a quiz competition for schoolchildren to raise awareness of biodiversity and the importance of protecting endangered species.
7. Poster competition for employees and school children: It is also one of the most effective methods of raising awareness.
8. Slogans competition: this media can also help publicize National Endangered Species Day.
9. Community Awareness Program: You can work as a volunteer and raise awareness about protecting endangered species. Here you can participate in a program run by a charity and helps spread awareness in the community, including the public and schoolchildren.


Education, awareness, law enforcement and captive breeding programs are the most effective ways to protect endangered species and maintain the food chain. The initiative to conserve biodiversity must be taken by everyone, since humans consume most of nature's resources. National Endangered Species Day must be celebrated worldwide with passion and enthusiasm to spread greater awareness and to save our planet because each species is part of biodiversity and only one species can disrupt the ecosystem.

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