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Ozone generator - How this Industrial Air Purifier Best Suppresses Bad Odors and Kills Harmful Bacteria


Best ozone generator - How this Industrial Air Purifier Best Suppresses Bad Odors and Kills Harmful Bacteria
Best ozone generator - air purifier

Ozone generator - How this Industrial Air Purifier Best Suppresses Bad Odors and Kills Harmful Bacteria

Ulsonix industrial air purifier / ozone generator is safest and fastest ozone producing machine to suppress the bad odors and killing harmful bacteria  quickly and effectively and therefore it is considered as best in 2020.

These air purifiers purify the air by filtration, producing ozone and treating in UV radiation under enclosure. It produces ozone at a rate of 5,000 to 20000 mg per hour, which allows it to quickly and effectively suppress bad odors. The fan distributes the ozone evenly throughout the room. This process even removes harmful mold spores from the air, relieving allergies and protecting your health.

This Product available in different ozone producing capacity and power rating

IndustrialAir Purifier- 5,000 mg/hr - 65 W

OzoneGenerator - 10,000 mg/h - 102 W

Ozone Generator - 500 - 10,000 mg/hr - 95 W

Ozone Generator - 7,000 mg/h - 98 W

Ozone Generator - 20,000 mg/h - 205 W - digital

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Here are the quick features


  1. Ozone production: 5,000 to 20000 mg/hr
  2. Power: 65 W to 205W
  3. Timer up to 120 minutes
  4. Casing: Powder-coated aluminum
  5. Filter: Stainless steel


Advance filter technology

The sophisticated high-quality air filter on the back of the case effectively cleans the air by filtering dust, dirt and prevents entering the case. The filter can be changed as needed without the use of tools and can be washed for continuous use. The biggest advantage is the cleaning of filter, it’s very easy.

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Portability of air purifier

The air purifier is very compact and lightweight as its housing is made of powder-coated aluminum. This simple but robust design makes it extremely resilient and suitable for use in even heavily contaminated rooms without sustaining damage.

Naturally, it is impermeable to ozone and is particularly well suited to the type of air cleaning. The ozone generator is a handy piece of equipment for convenient transport, and the rubber feet ensure stability on any surface.


Smart feature - Timer

The air purifier is equipped with smart feature as operational three different modes. In standby mode, the device works continuously. The fan and ozone plates are working, and the indicator light is on. If the timer is set, the appliance is activated for the desired time. You can choose to set the air purification process up to 120 minutes. The appliance turns off at the end of the programmed time. In Off mode, all functions are disabled.

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Cost Effective – Power saving feature

This Air purifier consume 65 watts of power and therefore best energy efficient and cost effective. It is so effective that it can clean an impressive 50 m3 in just 20 minutes. For health reasons, no one should enter the room during the air purification, so the device comes with a suitable warning sign for the door button. The power cord can be changed for more flexibility.


What is ozone and how do ozone generators work?

Ozone (O3) is a molecule comprising of three oxygen atoms and this gas is present in the stratosphere that protects all the living beings on Earth from ultraviolet (UV) radiation by absorbing it. This gas is extremely reactive and therefore easily reacts with substances such as ammonia, which helps to prevent unpleasant odors.

The air is sucked inside the suction chamber of the air purifier, and then is purified from germs and bacteria by the air filter and the special UV lamp. Then the air is passed through the ceramic plates, where the oxygen is converted to ozone by an electric discharge. Then, the ozone is discharged into the room through the front of the device.


How to use ozone generator safely?

Ozone generators are best to improve or renew the air in closed spaces in absence of any living being including pets and human. Ozone is highly reactive gas and therefore it can easily neutralize unpleasant smells most due to of ammonia. The ozone generator can be used in rooms, garage, inaccessible area, cars or vans for disinfecting and eliminating unpleasant odors. Under no circumstances should humans or pets or any other life enter the room when the appliance is in operation. If you want to enter in room for an urgent reason, must wear protective clothing and a breathing mask. The room should be ventilated for 15 to 30 minutes after the ozone treatment, then remain empty for 2 hours before it can be used normally.


Safety Precautions

Ozone gas in high concentrations is toxic and therefore harmful to our health, you must always make sure to take the necessary precautions to avoid uncontrolled releases of ozone. Ozone in the air we breathe can be harmful to our health, especially on hot, sunny days when ozone can reach unhealthy levels. Even relatively low levels of ozone can have health effects.

These devices should only be used by specialists. For more efficient use, it is also recommended to replace the ceramic plates every 6 months. Ulsonix offers you high quality service and a supply of spare and wearing parts throughout Europe. They also provides the quick and effective services for suitable spare parts for these devices.


Why is Ulsonix ozone generator safe and best?

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Ulsonix stands for high-quality industrial equipment and specializes in the production of cleaning devices. Next-generation ultrasonic cleaners effectively remove dirt and contamination and are suitable for a variety of applications.

The Ulsonix Industrial Air Purifier helps you effectively neutralize strong odors in confined spaces. You can also combat musty odors resulting from floods or fires with these ozone generators. Ozone generators are used for building renovation and indoor air purification, especially in car workshops, hotels, garbage and toilets, as well as to remove smoke or odors from cigarettes or animals in vehicles or boats.

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