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Working in Stress | Measure your Stress level

Are your employees working in stress? No problem, industry experts at HSE have developed and produced an online Stress Indicator Tool (SIT) that measures the attitudes and perceptions of employees towards work-related stress.

Working in Stress | Measure your Stress level
Working in Stress - Measure your Stress level

Working in Stress | Measure your Stress level

Each company has a legitimate obligation to investigate and protect their employees from company-related stress under the health and safety management standards 1999.
Stress is an important reason for the lack of support in the work environment, it influences people, their families and their partners by influencing their well-being, but it also has huge budgetary and operational effects for employers.

The stress indicator tool provides anonymous feedback and is a quick and easy way to determine the extent to which work-related stress is a problem within an organization.
The stress indicator tool includes a study of thirty-five consultations and surveys in six key areas of work that are known to be underlying assumptions if not properly monitored.

The disintegration and understanding of these results will help build a convincing approach to well-being and health for the association.

Advantages of the stress indication tool

  • It naturally examines the responses and produces a useful summary report of the results.
  • It's very easy to use.
  • It can be used when it comes from your own secure web account, making the process quick, easy and cost-effective.
  • Adaptable to include the association logo, to compile a personalized presentation, to choose the most appropriate segment responses and to adjust the wording in the central joints.
  • Make personalized reports from your chosen socio-economic partner to present the most important needs in the future.
  • It offers proposals for the next phases and suggestions on how to tackle them.
  • Access to a large number of HSE resources

Stress indication tool prices

Initial prices start reasonably from £ 200-1,700 for 50-1,000 employees and after one-year annual renewal costs would be £ 100-300 which is insignificant for any organization.
The initial costs include installation and configuration of the system and the first year of support and maintenance.

The license allows you to use the tool depending on the number of people employed by the organization. If the number of employees increases, or if you wish to extend the license to other parts of the organization, you will be asked to switch to the next tire.
To order and for a free demonstration of the stress indicator tool, anyone can contact

Free tools to relieve stress

The workplace can be a very complicated area, coordinating many people who perform many different activities. Finding a solution for a specific stress relief technique can be complex and requires in-depth prior knowledge and awareness of the possible consequences of the different actions available. Conflicting requests are often presented and confronted with individuals and associations. A common conflict of interest is that between the need to provide a product or service at an appropriate rate of profit and the need to do so safely and without endangering the well-being of individuals. The work environment can be the most important factor contributing to stress.

Create a general culture of effective prevention of stress responses without inducing secondary costs due to the side effects of drugs, drug costs, lost working days and with clear advantages in work efficiency and the balance between work and life. In addition, these interventions do not generate a stigmatizing response throughout the system, because "they are not psychiatric", even if they are deeply rooted in life and psychic balance.

Stress measurement can be done using the stress measurement tool and therefore an action plan for reduction can be developed. There are other tools to avoid the stress level of employees. Yoga and light exercises. Yoga focuses on empowerment and self-efficacy, acts at the body level to influence the mind-body system and promotes a central role for employees in the search for health and balance in everyday life.
There is ample evidence to support the hypothesis that the introduction of large-scale workplace yoga and meditation will benefit both employees and the performance of teams and organizations.

Some people are not in favor of yoga because of their perception that it is not practical, philosophical, esoteric, religious and in any case as something that relates to personal life and personal choices.

To overcome these prejudices, yoga teachers must develop the skills to introduce yoga and teach yoga classes in profane language, with scientific evidence of the benefits of yoga. It is a colossal social analysis that offers fascinating horizons of a mixture of Eastern and Western culture.


With the help of modern technology. A stress indication tool, employee stress can be monitored, and appropriate stress relief programs and other treatments can be initiated by the employer. Because prevention is better than cure, regular stress prevention programs with yoga and meditation lessons can be the best solution to prevent stress at work for employees.
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