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Is it safe to use reusable face mask? Self-cleaning mask with Nanofilter technology


Due to the COVID-19pandemic, people have started wearing a face mask as one of the most effective ways to avoid COVID-19 infections. Considering economic feasibility, most people use reusable masks such as cloth masks and N95.

Although there is literature available on the correct use of reusable face masks, people still doubt "Is it safe to use a reusable face mask?" What would be the shelf life of a reusable face mask? How to maintain hygiene? Which reusable mask is the best? etc. Here you will find the best reusable mask with removable filter to give you 99.99% protection against viruses and other air pollutants in premium style.


Is it safe to use reusable face mask? Self-cleaning mask with Nanofilter technology

Is it safe to use reusable face mask? Self-cleaning mask with Nanofilter technology

Before concluding the answer to "Is it safe to use a reusable mask?" We need to understand why people have started using a face mask. People want protection against COVID-19 exposures, meaning they need a mask to prevent viruses from entering their respiratory system. Transmission of virus in droplets and aerosols emitted to susceptible individuals can occur by physical contact after deposition on surfaces, aerosolization after deposition, direct deposition of droplets emitted on mucosal surfaces (e.g., mouth, eyes), or direct inhalation of virus-laden aerosols. Basically, people need face masks that should be able to filter viruses and other infectious people and give you healthy breathing.

People generally wear cloth masks, surgical masks, and N95 respiratory masks. Regardless of the face mask, it must be economically viable because ultimately the mask is worn daily and cannot be disposed after each use by general public. It should be comfortable and stylish so that you also look beautiful with a mask.

Cloth masks are not very effective because they do not have the ability to filter bacterial particles in the air which are also difficult to maintain hygienically. It requires frequent and quality washing after each use and is also not recommended for people caring for infected patients or people with COVID-19 symptoms.

Compared to cloth masks, disposable surgical masks are more effective because they can filter droplets and sprays that contain viruses. But since it is a loose mask, it does not prevent small airborne particles from entering the nose and mouth. The disposable surgical mask is best suited for use and disposal by healthcare providers. The style and appearance are not good and therefore people generally do not want to wear it in their daily work or in the office.

Another mask is the N95, which can filter around 95% of the very small particles capable of trapping viruses and bacterial particles down to 0.3 microns. This polypropylene mask is not recommended for routine use by the general public, but is strongly recommended for physicians, front-line workers, people meeting confirmed COVID-19 patients, etc.

Reusable masks are economically viable for everyone, but it is difficult to keep them dry and disinfect after each use.

Cloth masks can be washed and disinfected before reuse but maintaining hygiene at all times is very difficult. The N95 mask can be used multiple times while safely stored in a dry atmosphere when not in use. It is advisable to use 2 to 3 masks alternately.


Which mask is best in the reusable category?

ar face mask nanofilter technology - best mask for covid-19

When selecting the best reusable mask, you need to consider its style, fit, comfort, and quality.  “ar” Face masks are the most effective because they offer comfort, perfect fit, style and safety by reducing 99% of viruses with the ViralOff® treatment. Its nanotechnological filters block up to 99.8% of viruses and pollutants.

An antiviral mask from är is first-class protective equipment with a unique design for maximum comfort. Bringing you comfort, high-quality protection, and style, wearing a reusable mask has never been easier!

är Face Mask is perfect for use and for daily activities. It is easy to maintain and its protective qualities are the highest.

Is it safe to use reusable face mask? Self-cleaning mask with Nanofilter technology 

This comfortable black mask made of an elegant fabric has a universal design suitable for all occasions. The är fabric mask is reusable, fashionable and offers maximum comfort.

Its state-of-the-art features ar mask for maximum protection and is the self-cleaning treatment. A cloth antiviral mask prevents viruses from self-storage. Maintenance is therefore child's play! In addition to this, the är face mask comes with a filter and its surface is covered with a water-repellent treatment that protects from external aerosols and excessive moisture.

är Face Mask is suitable for everyone. The face mask for men and the mask for women are the same. No matter your size or gender, these comfortable fabric masks are unisex and sized for adults and children. An exclusive design of a black mask with a minimalist logo in different colors creates a modern and luxurious look.

ViralOff® is the latest antiviral treatment technology from the Swedish company Polygiene®. Reduces 99% of viruses on the mask surface in two hours with a revolutionary self-cleaning function. The technology is ISO 18184: 2019 certified.

är the nano-filters in our är face masks can block up to 99.8% of the pollutants normally found in the air we breathe, such as smog, bacteria, pollen and other allergens and pollutants. The filtering effect is equivalent to class FFP2. Nelson Labs successfully tested the filter material's ability to block today's common viruses.

Continue your day as usual. Our är face masks are lightweight and designed for regular daily use, which means they're incredibly comfortable to wear. These masks are designed and manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities within the EU so that you can wear a high quality face mask and feel stylish while wearing it.


Final word

ärFace Mask is stylish and comfort suitable for everyone. Its ViralOff®  latest antiviral treatment technology from the Swedish company Polygiene® reduces 99% of viruses on the mask surface in two hours with a revolutionary self-cleaning function. The technology is ISO 18184: 2019 certified. They provides FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS ABOVE €70 IN EU/UK


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