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How to maintain integrity of Flameproof Electrical Fittings and Equipment during Maintenance

Maintaining the integrity of electrical equipment in hazardous industries is a challenge during maintenance work, as all explosion protection techniques are based on maintaining the integrity of the enclosure of such equipment. To maintain the integrity of explosion-proof / flame-proof electrical installations or equipment, great care must be taken when performing any repair or maintenance work on them.

How to maintain integrity of Flameproof Electrical Fittings and Equipment during Maintenance

How to maintain integrity of Flameproof Electrical Fittings and Equipment during Maintenance

Flameproof Electrical Fittings and Equipment: To determine the type of electrical installation appropriate for a particular situation, national and international standards provide guidelines for classifying hazardous areas into three zones namely zone "0", zone "1" and zone "2" according to the degree of probability of the presence of a hazardous atmosphere.

How to maintain integrity of Flameproof Electrical Fittings and Equipment 

To ensure the integrity of electrical equipment, connections and fittings in hazardous areas, here are the important safety precautions or safety check points identified which must be kept in mind when performing any repair or maintenance of electrical installation or equipment:

1. Check for any mechanical damage, corrosion, dust collection, condensate collection, loose hardware, condition of connectors and cables, tightness of clamps, condition of glass display windows and glass covers of light fitting and any visible cracks on equipment.

2. Clean exteriors of dust/dirt, touch up with correct quality of paint.

3. Ensure that nameplate data are not tempered.

4. Seals and gasket used to maintain the integrity of an enclosure should be checked to ensure for deterioration. Damaged seals/gasket should be replaced in time.

5. Ensure that all-stopping plugs and bolts are in position and adequately tightened. Omission of bolts or other fasteners in any explosion proof fitting makes it as ordinary one. Use proper size and type of blanking plugs with correct threads.

6. When replacing cover bolts/screws, always use specified size and material. Always use proper size of Allen keys.

7. Cabling should be carefully checked to ensure that there is no damage in its protection (conduit, armoring or sheath) or its insulation that might lead to the possibility of an arc or spark. There should be no damage to the cabling during repair/maintenance.

8. Ensure that cable glands are correctly fitted.

9. Cable sealing box only performs its function if it remains filled with a compound that will prevent the passage of gas or an explosion. Check for the same.

10. All electrical connections should be tightened adequately.

11. Check the equipment for corrosion, which might invalidate the type of protection. Particularly the faces of flame-path should be checked for corrosion. To prevent the rusting in cast iron enclosures a thin film of non-setting and specified grease may be applied.

12. The clearance between two mating surfaces of the enclosure is to be maintained. Do not provide any setting agent to fill the gap between two mating surfaces. However non-setting material may be used for preventing the entry of dust etc. into the equipment.

13. Undue vibrations on such equipment should be avoided.


Prepare standard safety checklist and follow it during performing maintenance work on electrical equipment/fitting to maintain integrity of Flameproof Electrical Fittings and Equipment during Maintenance.


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