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52 National Safety Day 2023, March 4: Significance, History and Objective of National Safety Day theme

Significance, History and Objective of National Safety Day |4th March National Safety Day 2023
National Safety Day objective, history and significance

52 National Safety Day 2023, March 4: Significance, History and Objective of National Safety Day Theme 

National Safety Day is celebrated on March 4 each year, which is also the founding day of the National Safety Council (NSC) of India to raise awareness of the importance of industrial safety. The main objective is to raise awareness of safety in order to prevent incidents, thus achieving the goal of zero damage. National Safety Day is celebrated on March 4 by unfurling the NSC flag and appreciating the winner of several safety awareness contests held during the National Safety Week awareness campaign. There is no set rule for deciding the National Safety Week for the awareness campaign, some organizations start the safety campaign in February and end on March 4 with a recognition ceremony. Where, as most organizations hold Safety Week from March 4 to March 10.

Theme for National Safety Day/ week 2023 is - OUR AIM – ZERO HARM”


Objective of the National Safety Day

The main objective of celebrating Nations Safety Day is to conduct the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) awareness campaign nationally for all groups of people and for all organization, business, employees from senior managers to workers and managers, communities and therefore the ultimate goal is to raise awareness of the importance of Safety in industries to avoid unwanted incidents.

Another important objective is to promote the participation in health and safety and the concept of safety consultation in all industries, including petrochemicals, fertilizers, energy and electricity, cement and d other industries of all kinds.

Here is the list of other objectives of the celebration of National Safety Day

1. Motivate best industrial safety practices, accident prevention programs and encourage people to integrate them into the work culture to develop a positive safety culture.

2. Develop a positive safety culture in the workplace by promoting HSE discipline and legal compliance by implementing the best safety management system.

3. Sensitize schoolchildren and community members to embrace the culture of safety in their lifestyle.

4. Remind employers and employees (from senior management to workers) of their responsibilities and commitments to safety.

5. Promote a sustainable safety culture in all types of organizations, not only in hazardous industries, but also in industries that are not covered by any safety legislation.


Significance of National Safety Day

The celebration of National Safety Day on March 4 or National Safety Week from March 4 to 10 reminds employers and employees of their responsibilities and commitments to the safety of people, the community, environment and national property. It emphasizes the Safety of the individual, social and national economy through loss prevention.

Each year, the National Safety Council of India decides on the Safety themes (2023 theme: OUR AIM – ZERO HARM

”) and advises the organization to organize the awareness campaign safety to raise awareness of the importance of safety measures, especially in industrial safety. During this campaign, various awareness programs and safety competitions are organized such as safety poster competitions, slogan competitions, safety skates, etc. ensure employee participation and senior management consultation with employees and workers. Participants in the safety campaign are also motivated and therefore help to develop a positive safety culture in organizations and the community.


History of National Safety Day

With the rapid industrialization, the accident rate increased significantly and the Indian Ministry of Labor therefore recommended the establishment of the National Safety Council at the 22nd conference in 1962 to promote the campaign on accident prevention measures  in all hazardous industries. This recommendation was accepted at the 24th Permanent Labor Conference on February 14, 1966 in Delhi under the chairmanship of Mr. Jagjeevan Ram.

The National Safety Council was formally formed in 1966 and first National Safety Day was celebrated on March 4, 1972. This day is also declared as founding day of the National Safety Council (NSC).

It was also decided that the safety campaign will be organized for a week across the country to raise awareness of the importance of occupational safety and health.

Every year, the National Safety Council announces the Safety theme for the organization of a special Safety awareness campaign among the people of industries, schoolchildren and the community. The main objective of the safety campaign is to make people aware of the dangers (hazards) and to monitor safety to prevent accidents.

Here is the Guideline provided by NSC observance of National Safety Day 4 March 2022 or Safety Week Campaign according to NSC circular 2022


National Safety Day Context

The idea of ​​commemorating the day of the foundation of the Council, on 4th March; and the first National Safety Day (NSD) campaign was launched in 1972 and has been held annually ever since. The campaign, now entering its 51st year, has grown into a major national campaign widely celebrated by the industry, the unions, the government. departments, regulatory agencies, NGOs and institutions with the active support of the central and state governments and the media.

The campaign has now spanned a week from 4 to 10 March.


Objectives of National safety day celebration:

1. Ensure that safety and health are integrated into the work culture and lifestyle.

2. Renew the commitment of employees to safety and health at work.

3. Achieve greater employee participation in OHS activities.


Zoom in:

1. Achieve greater employee participation.

2. Bring local talent from your factory to the celebration.

3. Emphasize the OHS needs of your unit.

4. Identify and highlight local OSH issues.

5. Distribute OHS promotional material to employees.


2023 Safety Week Campaign activities suggested by NSC:

For the celebration to be a success, the preparations must start quite early. Some of the suggested activities during National Safety Week are:

The theme for national safety week campaign 2023 is OUR AIM – ZERO HARM

In the workplace

1. Management of the commitment to safety and health by employees headed by the most senior manager.

2. Unfurling of the National Safety flag.

3. Placement of Safety badges on employees.

4. Display Safety Day banners in strategic places in the workplace.

5. Safety message from the Top Management to all employees.

6. Safety contests: essay, slogans, posters, Housekeeping, safety performance, etc.

7. Schemes of safety suggestions.

8. Safety exhibition.

9. Play/drama in one act, songs, etc.

10. Training programmes/workshops/seminars, etc.

11. Projection of safety films in unit/employee Township.

12. Practical demonstrations on the use of PPE, firefighting, rescue, etc.

13. Organization of emergency drills/ evacuation drill/ mock drills.

14. Place safety posters in prominent places in the unit.

15. Organize reward functions Suggestions for safety, performance, etc.

16. Lecture sessions from eminent guest speakers in the field.

17. Community outreach programs.

18. Print safety slogans on company letterhead, for example, payroll.

19. Hold meetings to discuss past accidents and suggested actions.

20. Safety motto in telephone tone and intercom.

21. Safety procession inside the unit.

22. Employee families' art contest, such as the Rangoli Contest.


Outside workplace:

1. Pinning safety badges on VIPs.

2. Safety announcement on the local TV channel and local newspapers.

3. Write articles about the importance of safety in local newspapers.

4. Exhibition of banners in strategic places of the city/town.

5. Workshops/Seminars.

6. Safety programs for contractors

7. Product safety awareness programs for consumers/customers

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