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Touchscreen friendly reusable hand gloves: Self-cleaning technology


Touchscreen friendly reusable hand gloves: Self-cleaning technology
Touchscreen friendly reusable hand gloves

Touchscreen friendly reusable hand gloves: Self-cleaning technology

Touchscreen friendly hand gloves are revolutionary technology in the field of personal protective equipment especially reusable hand gloves. Although elimination, engineering controls and good working practices are the priority to control hazards still it has been revealed that people suffer from hand injuries at work. Therefore, employers must ensure that employees wear appropriate hand protection to prevent hand injuries.

Workers, office peoples and public can be exposed to potential risks such as COVID-19, absorption of harmful substances through the skin, chemical or thermal burns, electrical hazards, bruises, abrasions, cuts, perforations, fractures and amputations. All of these hazards cannot be controlled by engineering or work practices alone, so hand gloves must be worn.


Types of Hand Gloves

There are several types of hand gloves related to different types of jobs available in the market. The choice of hand gloves should be made according to the nature of the hazard and the operation involved.

It is essential that people wear gloves specially designed for the hazards and tasks encountered in their workplace. One type of gloves designed for a particular function may not be suitable for a different function.


There mainly five types of hand gloves

1. Leather gloves

2. Canvas or wire mesh gloves

3. Fabric and coated fabric gloves

4. Gloves resistant to chemicals or liquids

5. Electrically insulated rubber gloves

Further modifications and advanced technologies are used in leather, canvas, cotton and PVC gloves to increase their strength, grip, durability and comfort.

Hand gloves can be reusable or disposable after each use. Disposable gloves are primarily used by healthcare workers and cleaning workers.


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How to select right hand gloves?

The selection of most suitable hand gloves is very important to avoid hand injuries caused by physical or chemical hazards. Here is the quick guide to selecting hand gloves.

Identify the hazards associated with your job, i.e. the type of substance / chemicals to be handled or the type of work to be performed.

Identify the nature of the contact (total immersion, splash, etc.) and the duration of the contact. It is also important to identify the area that needs protection, i.e. only the hand or that also requires protection of the forearm.

Some jobs require a good grip to hold the object, because the object can be wet or oily. If you are handling a hot material or there is potential to contact with hot surfaces, the thermal protection factor must be taken into account.

When choosing gloves, the physical nature of the object should be considered, such as sharp edges, plates, size, etc. to protect your hand from cut injuries and therefore abrasion resistant gloves may be needed.

In summary, follow the following normal practices for selecting gloves.


Leather hand gloves: welding, cutting, grinding, handling hot objects, sharp edge objects and rough objects. It protects against sparks, moderate heat, blows, chips and rough objects.

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Fire resistance hand gloves or aluminized gloves: They provide reflective and insulating protection against heat. These hand gloves are made of synthetic materials to protect against heat and cold.

Hand gloves for handling cryogenic substances: Aramid fiber hand gloves protect against heat and cold. These hand gloves are also having cut- and abrasive-resistant. Synthetic material also used to manufacture the gloves which gives protection against heat and cold, are cut- and abrasive-resistant and may withstand some diluted acids.

Chemical resistance hand gloves:  These hand gloves are suitable to handle acid, alkalis and solvents. While select right hand gloves against chemical exposure hazards, always refer manufacturer data sheet to determine the gloves’ effectiveness against specific workplace chemicals and conditions. These types of hand gloves are made with different kinds of rubber: natural, butyl, neoprene, nitrile and fluorocarbon (viton); or various kinds of plastic: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyvinyl alcohol and polyethylene. These materials can be blended or laminated.

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Fabric and Coated Fabric hand gloves:  These hand gloves are made from cotton or other fabric to provide varying degrees of protection against dirt, slivers, chafing and abrasions. But they are not suitable for use with rough, sharp or heavy materials. Sometime, these gloves are coated with plastic to further strengthen and durability. Coated fabric gloves are made from cotton flannel with napping on one side. By coating the un-napped side with plastic, fabric gloves are transformed into general-purpose hand protection offering slip-resistant qualities.

Coated cotton hand gloves are also called as dotted hand gloves and it provide the slip resistance and thus most suitable for tasks ranging from handling bricks and wire to chemical laboratory containers.


Touchscreen friendly reusable hand gloves

Almost all water and chemical resistant gloves are not suitable for touch screens. Even other types of gloves, including leather and fabrics used for normal work, are not compatible with touch screens. Most people, when doing a job, need to use the automation system's touchscreen and feel uncomfortable whether they remove their gloves or delay the job.

Removing contaminated gloves to use mobile phones or other touchscreen equipment is not safe and as a result CONCEPTOR and arFACEMASK, the leading manufacturers of hand gloves and face masks in the EU, has designed gloves suitable for touchscreens. You don't need to remove your glove to operate the touchscreen or other automated devices or equipment.

Touchscreen friendly reusable hand gloves: Self-cleaning technology
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On an average, people are touching more than 500 surfaces every day and the most infectious (viruses and bacteria) can survive on our hands for up to 3 hours, unless we wash them with soapy water or disinfect them. Removing the gloves to operate the touchscreen is quite uncomfortable and not always possible.

Therefore, är Gloves adopted advanced technology, designed, and manufactured a revolutionary unique and user-friendly product for touch screens. You don't need to take off your gloves to use the touchscreen, including your cell phone.

These gloves are best suited for people with instruments, people in control rooms, and the public in their daily activities, especially in places like public transport, grocery stores, cafes, taxis and more.


Here are the main features of är hand gloves

  1. Combining design with cutting-edge technology
  2. är Gloves are made by combining modern design with the latest technology. Used Eco Acqua Zero™ for water-repellent properties
  3. Adopted ViralOff® for its self-cleaning function, treatment technology from Polygiene®
  4. The Eco Acqua Zero™, a fluorine-free water repellent technology
  5. Touchscreen friendly
  6. Light and Comfortable
  7. Designed and Made in EU


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Most hand gloves, including PVC, nitrile, cotton, fabrics, and leather, are not compatible with touch screens and you must remove the gloves to use cell phone or equipment or other touchscreen devices or modern touchscreen equipment. The “är” hand gloves are revolutionary in the field of hand gloves and are suitable for touch screens. These gloves can also be used multiple times after proper visual inspections.

These gloves are comfortable, stylish and made with self-cleaning technology. These gloves are best suited for instrumentation people, control room people, the public in their daily activities, especially in places like public transport, supermarkets, cafes, taxis and more again.

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