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What is an Ozone Generator? Is it Safe to use for Air Purification?


What is an Ozone Generator? Is it Safe to use for Air Purification?
Best ozone generator and air purifier safety

What is an Ozone Generator? Is it Safe to use for Air Purification?

Ozone generators are not only widely used in industries, garages, workshops, large toilets, but also in cars, bedrooms, homes, and other congested and confined spaces to supress the bad odour and purify the air by killing harmful bacteria.

These ozonegenerators are available in different capacities, from small to large, for example, from 5000 to 20,000 mg / h and operate at a power of 65 to 205W.

Ozone generators purify the air through filtration, producing ozone and treating the ultraviolet rays in the enclosure.

Ozone (O3) is a gas and is normally present in the Earth’s atmosphere at the stratosphere level that protects life on Earth from ultraviolet (UV) rays by absorbing it. This gas is extremely reactive and can easily react with substances such as ammonia and therefore helps to avoid unpleasant odours.

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What is the ozone generator?

In the ozone generating machine, the air is sucked into the suction chamber and purified from germs and bacteria by air filters and special UV lamp treatment. The air then passes through the ceramic plates, where oxygen is converted to ozone by electrical discharge. Finally, the ozone is released into the room from the front of the device. The ozone gas released reacts with a bad odour (ammonia) and suppresses it. Therefore, the ozone generator process even removes harmful mold spores from the air, alleviating allergies and protecting your health.

This product is available in different sizes depending on its ozone production capacity and power.

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Industrial Air Purifier - 5000 mg / h - 65 W

Ozone generator - 10,000 mg / h - 102 W

Ozone generator - 500-10,000 mg / h - 95 W

Ozone generator - 7000 mg / h - 98 W

Ozone generator - 20,000 mg / h - 205 W - digital


As ozone generators do not consume much electrical energy and are therefore energy efficient. All equipment is designed with a timer and industry best practices, making it safe to use mechanically.

The Ulsonixozone generator is the best due to its compact size, advanced features, safety alarms, timers, emergency sensors, and energy efficiency. The sophisticated high-quality air filter can clean the air by filtering the dust and preventing it from entering the case. The filter is washable and can be changed as needed without using tools, so this is the biggest advantage for cleaning.

These ozone generators are compact and lightweight because their housing is made of powder-coated aluminium, and therefore can be used even in heavily polluted rooms without being damaged. It is equipped with time in three different modes and can therefore be activated for the desired time.

As ozone gas can be harmful in certain concentration, therefore, for health reasons, it is recommended that no one enter the room during its operation, so the device comes with a suitable warning sign for the door button.


Is ozone generator safe to use for air purification?

Ozone gas (O3) is naturally present in the Earth's atmosphere at the stratospheric level which protects all life on Earth from ultraviolet (UV) radiation by absorbing it. Ozone gas is extremely reactive and therefore easily reacts with substances such as ammonia, helping to prevent unpleasant odours.

The ozone in the air we breathe above the threshold can be harmful to our health, especially on hot, sunny days. Ozone generators are used to generate ozone in a closed room to kill harmful bacteria in certain concentration which can also be harmful to humans and therefore it is recommended to restrict the entry of humans or animals when the ozone generator is operating. With precautions such as respirators with full protective clothing can be used to enter the area for an urgent reason.

It is recommended to ventilate the area for 15-30 minutes after ozone treatment, then to remain empty for 2 hours before you can use it normally.

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Safety Precautions

People with asthma and vitamin C and E deficiency are at increased risk of exposure to ozone.

There should be no flammable gas or explosive material near the ozone generator. Read the instruction manual carefully before working with ozone generator and observe all safety instructions.

These devices should only be used in accordance with the manufacturer's safety instructions. It is always recommended to replace ceramic plates every 6 months for more efficient use. Ulsonix offers you a high-quality service and a supply of spare and wear parts throughout Europe. They also provide fast and efficient service for the proper spare parts for these devices.


Why is Ulsonix ozone generator safe and best?

Ulsonix stands for high quality industrial equipment and specializes in the production of cleaning devices. Its state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaners / ozone generator / air purifier are designed for professional indoor air treatment to effectively remove dirt and contamination and are suitable for a variety of applications.

Ulsonix industrial ozone generator helps you effectively neutralize strong odours in confined spaces, garages, bedrooms, parking lots, confined industrial areas, bathrooms, etc. It can also be used to combat musty odours resulting from flooding or fires. It is equipped with a timer and a sensor to control its operation. A variety of ventilation programs and functions can be configured using the large display and 6-button control panel.

Ventilation programs can be easily adapted to individual needs. It is easy to set continuous operation for particularly long tasks, but no more than 12 hours. Remote control facility which adds the advantage of operation and safety. This ozone generator is also ideal for commercial use in automotive workshops, for the renovation of indoor air and buildings, in waste and sanitary rooms or in the hotel industry.

The rear mounted air filter provides powerful airflow protecting against contamination from the technology and thus supporting the durability of the ozone generator. You can easily replace the air filter without tools.



Ozone generator is the best option to purify the air by killing bacteria and to remove the bad odors. It is safe to operate if you follow the manufacturer's safety instructions and restrict the entry of humans and other animals, including pets, into the ozone treatment area ie. when the ozone generator is in operating mode.

Once you have completed the ozone treatment, turn off the generator and ventilate the room for 15-30 minutes, then stand empty for 2 hours before you can use it normally.

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