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OSHA safety training courses


OSHA safety training courses

The OSHA standard establishes the requirement for occupational health and safety training because safety training helps build a positive safety culture and is an important part of the safety management system.

The trainings listed in OSHA standards are mandatory, while following ANSI / ASSP Z490.1 is not mandatory, it is a guide for the effective implementation of the training program.

The training and skills development programs are the important part of the safety management system. If you want to develop a positive safety culture in your organization to avoid unwanted incidents, all workers should be competent in their jobs.

If people are aware of the hazards and risks in the workplace, they will act effectively and ensure control measures when performing any critical or non-critical work. Health and Safety training helps people work safer and prevents them from taking unsafe actions. Safety training can reduce the number of accidents, injuries, illnesses, near misses, environmental pollution and property damage. Therefore, to achieve the goal of zero accidents, health, safety and environmental training must be provided at all levels.

Health and safety training must be effective and must be delivered by a competent person. The trainer must have special qualifications and must be certified as a trainer. Additionally, when investigating incidents, regulatory bodies request proof of training and certificates of qualification from recognized or accredited institutes.

Planning is the first step in any job or program, you need to identify the training needs of your workers and staff and then prepare a solid safety training plan. When preparing the safety training program, you should refer to the safety training requirements that regulatory agencies such as OSHA or MSHA have established for different types of organizations and machines at your site. You need to improve your workplace safety culture and comply with the law.

Blazeshield is a leader in regulation-approved online training and certification across a wide range of industries and occupations. They focus on regulated training that helps ensure the health, safety and financial security of customers and employees in the communities they serve.

With more than 4 million users worldwide, our integrated content, regulatory rigor, technology and service strategy helps organizations and professionals qualify for jobs, manage their careers and ensure they meet compliance requirements.


OSHA certified safety training courses 

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Here are the shortlisted important courses may be important for you

1. OSHA construction 30 hours
2. OSHA construction 10 hours
3. 40-hour HAZWOPER communication + GHS
4. Certified Environmental Specialist
5. General Industry OSHA 30 Hours
6. General Industry OSHA 10 Hours
7. 10-hour Construction Training in New York City OSHA
8. 30-hour Construction Training In New York City OSHA
9. MSHA new miner training
10. Training EM 385-1-1, 40-hours
11. CAL OSHA 10-hours training
12. OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour construction training
13. Refresher HAZWOPER 8-hours
14. 24-hour HAZWOPER communication + SGH
15. Basic HAZWOPER training
16. Training EM 385-1-1 40-hours
17. 16-hour EM 385-1-1 training
18. Training EM 385-1-1 24-hours
19. EM 385-1-1 8-hour refresher training
20. Annual Refresher MSHA Training
21. MSHA First Aid and CPR Course
22. NFPA 70E standard for electrical safety training
23. NFPA 70E standard for electrical safety in the workplace
24. Training in Confined Space for Construction
25. Training in confined space for general industry


What do they provide to employer?

Regulatory Approved Content

All their courses are approved or accredited by governing bodies from all sectors, and official certification is often available at the end of the course.


A powerful LMS platform

Their user-friendly, mobile-friendly LMS platform helps you streamline your training process, from easy enrolment to tracking progress and performance.


Dedicated account manager

Every company that partners with them has a dedicated and experienced account manager to ensure all training goals are met and all compliance requirements are met.


The safety practitioner must be competent enough to motivate workers to adopt safe behavior. The safety culture of an organization depends on how each person thinks and feels about health and safety and how this translates into their behavior. If you want to implement a positive safety culture in the organization, the level of worker confidence must be increased by providing training on health, safety and the environment.

Without effective modules for OSHA training, awareness and skills development in the organization, it is very difficult to implement a positive safety culture in the organization. If the safety practitioner is not convinced of the legal HSE requirements, he cannot develop strong safety procedures, and this is one of the most dangerous things that can lead to serious accidents. Instead of not understanding the procedures, or having a safety risk due to an accident, total negligence is a definite danger to workers and their co-workers.

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